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Conditions of use

- Your stories must always starts by " Today " and ends with " STB ".
- Story written in SMS language or with too many spelling mistakes will be refused.
- Only Shit the bed stories are allowed, so no commercial, spamming or other.

Let's start !


Today my boss asked me some advice: "Do you know what the procedure is for firing someone on a fix term contract?" I'm the only person on a fix term contract in the office.STB

Publish by, Nico on 04/11/2008

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Today was my last notice day of work, i still don't know what to do. STB

Publish by, Rod on 17/11/2008

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I did the lottery as usual this week and, to my astonishment, got four numbers! I was going to win a decent amount of money! Imagine the look on my face when I realised I was holding last week's ticket... STB.

Publish by, Jay on 06/12/2008

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Today, my son laughed at me when I tried to get him to put a bit more effort into his schoolwork. His grandmother had sillily given him all my shitty school reports from when I was his age. STB

Publish by, Nala on 13/12/2008

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Today, I picked up my computer which had been at the repair shop for two weeks. I quickly logged on to MSN to talk to the girl who I'd been hitting on for weeks. Her profile picture was a photo of herself with her new boyfriend. STB

Publish by, Nico on 18/12/2008

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Today, my girlfriend told me that she woke up after yesterday’s party with someone else’s trousers. STB

Publish by, Eliot on 29/12/2008

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Today, my girlfriend told me that she woke up after yesterday's party with someone else's trousers. STB

Publish by, Bryan on 29/12/2008

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Today, I was trying on clothes in a store that had just screens set up for changing. As I took off the first pair of pants had I tried on, my foot got hooked in the cuff and I fell out in my underwear in front of the whole store. STB

Publish by, anonym on 25/01/2009

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Today, my cat fell into the toilet, jumped out, and ran straight to my bed. STB

Publish by, nina on 30/01/2009

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Today, my parents told me that they received a letter from a prison. Being curious they opened it up and read the entire thing. It was from this girl I randomly met. Now I have a prison stalker and my parents think I date felons. STB

Publish by, Lucy on 30/01/2009

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