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Conditions of use

- Your stories must always starts by " Today " and ends with " STB ".
- Story written in SMS language or with too many spelling mistakes will be refused.
- Only Shit the bed stories are allowed, so no commercial, spamming or other.

Let's start !


Today, in class, I asked my teacher for a "rubber". I didn't realise that in America "rubber" doesn't mean "eraser", it means condom. STB

Publish by, Nick on 24/01/2009

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I got a haircut and the first thing the lady asked was "so do you want to keep the mullet?". What mullet?! STB

Publish by, richardson on 31/01/2009

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Today, my aunt and I wrapped up warm to go on a jog as we had taken up dieting. When we reached our stop, my aunt saw a corner shop and went inside panting from the exercise. We were both breathless and flushed. I waited for her outside and she returned eating chocolate. "We're meant to be dieting" I reminded her. "I am, I'm increasing my calcium intake. It's milk chocolate she told me. STB.

Publish by, faerie on 06/11/2008

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Today, my friend told me a story about her roommate. One night her roommate went to a party and when she came back my friend asked about her night. "Great!" she slurred. "Drank l-l-loads and got the number of a c-c-cute guy". Then her roomate dragged herself to her room with help from my friend before falling asleep. The next morning the roommate appeared in the kitchen heading straight for the painkillers. "Good night" my friend hinted wanting details. STB

Publish by, dwarf on 06/11/2008

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Today, my train was late, I ran one mile to be on time at work. STB

Publish by, Paul on 10/11/2008

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Last night, I was having an odd dream. Can't quite remember what happened in it now, but at one point it involved jumping. Then I woke up - and had fallen out of bed! STB.

Publish by, jery on 20/11/2008

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I was driving to work on Friday, my car in dire need of a wash, when people kept hooting at me. I had no idea what I was doing wrong. When I arrived, I noticed someone had written "honk if you're horny" in the dirt on the back of the car! STB.

Publish by, LIZ on 25/11/2008

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Today, I found out who'd been smoking MY weed in MY room. It wasn't my little brother. It was my parents. STB

Publish by, Arnold on 29/12/2008

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Today, a couple of mates and me have a reservation on this fancy restaurant to celebrate Chinese New Year. I found out that 80% of our money goes to the wine tasting event that they have, a free flow of gorgeous, decent wine all around. I'm allergic to fruit. I'll stick to my 20RMB water bottle. STB

Publish by, Dan on 25/01/2009

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Today, I saw a homeless man asking for money for food. Not wanting to give him money so he'd spend it on booze, I decided to buy him a full big mac meal from McDonalds. When I went to hand it to him, he quickly waved his hand, denying it saying, "Thanks but I'm a vegetarian". STB

Publish by, Lucy on 26/01/2009

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