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Conditions of use

- Your stories must always starts by " Today " and ends with " STB ".
- Story written in SMS language or with too many spelling mistakes will be refused.
- Only Shit the bed stories are allowed, so no commercial, spamming or other.

Let's start !


Today, I woke up beside a disgusting guy I didn't know. He told me he was the best friend of the handsome guy I was hitting on yesterday evening. I can't remember at which point I got mislead into bringing the wrong one home. STB

Publish by, Lisa on 20/12/2008

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Today, a 32 year old man I had been dating for a few months, finally took me to his place. To my surprise, this bachelor had a huge and very clean home! Also, to my surprise, I met the REAL homeowner. His grandmother, who came home early. We were having sex on her couch at the time. STB

Publish by, x on 21/02/2009

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Today, my boss gave me the keys for my first work car, all charges are included, which is a good deal. Yesterday I had my driving license cancelled for speeding, so the car will go to someone else. STB

Publish by, John on 01/11/2008

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Today, I wanted to have a good lunch with my wife before fasting for my surgery which I may not survive, she decided getting her hair cut was more important. I ate alone. STB

Publish by, Nick on 05/03/2009

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Today, a work colleague came in wearing her summer dress, slightly showing her legs. I asked her what the tattoo on her calf represented. It was varicose veins. STB

Publish by, nat on 06/11/2008

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Today, at Soccer practice, I really tried to impress this really hot chick. In order to do so, I tried to aim a perfect shot into the top corner, owing to my less-than-brilliant skills, I hit her square in the chest, and, she cried, for a bit STB

Publish by, JoshHazan on 11/11/2008

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Today, after a hot night with a guy I met the night before, I ask him his phone number. To which he replied: "What for?" STB

Publish by, lola on 09/12/2008

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Today, I went to the pharmacy to buy the plan B pill. The pharmacist recognized me and said "really? Again??" STB

Publish by, nono on 30/01/2009

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Today, I was looking at porn on my laptop when my mom came into my room to talk to me. After she finished what she was saying, she paused and said "you know I can see the reflection of your computer screen in your glasses". STB

Publish by, STB on 01/02/2009

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Today, well actually last night, I brought a nice bloke home. It was an unbelievable night together, and I said to myself that I’d finally found a decent boyfriend. This morning, looking through his text messages, I see “You owe me 50 quid, she’s a real ginger”. STB.

Publish by, Ana on 04/11/2008

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