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Conditions of use

- Your stories must always starts by " Today " and ends with " STB ".
- Story written in SMS language or with too many spelling mistakes will be refused.
- Only Shit the bed stories are allowed, so no commercial, spamming or other.

Let's start !


Today I asked my 3 year old son to come to me so that I could put his jumper on. He looked me straight in the eyes, stuck his hand out towards me and said, "talk to the hand'cos the face don't wanna listen". STB.

Publish by, Victoria on 05/11/2008

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Today, running late for a job interview, I rushed off in a hurry not realizing I hadn't zipped my pants. I made it all the way through the lobby without being made, only to walk into the interview room where my prospective boss giggled and courteously pointed out that my fly was open. STB.

Publish by, bipbip on 09/11/2008

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I work in a bank and this man came in who looked exactly like a guy wanted on Crimewatch... he made an appointment about a loan so I called the police and told them about the appointment. They were waiting for him when he arrived... and it wasn't the right guy! Somehow I don't think he'll be taking out the loan with us. STB.

Publish by, Logan on 12/11/2008

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Today, I went out with some friends the other night and after a heavy session on the drink we set off to a friend's flat to stay over, but we lost the guy in question on the way. When we got there, a girl answered the door, who we assumed was one of his flatmates. We walked straight in and sat down - before realising we were in the wrong flat! STB.

Publish by, GG on 12/11/2008

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I was on a night out recently and noticed a bloke wearing sunglasses, indoors and at night. We immediately decided this qualified him as an idiot, and as I'd had a few, I decided to tell him. Only then, to my horror, did I realise he was blind! STB.

Publish by, lolo on 15/11/2008

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I work in a primary school, and confess to not being the skinniest person alive... today one of the kids told me I didn't have "any sharp edges." I wasn't sure whether to be flattered or appalled! STB!

Publish by, George on 15/11/2008

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Last night at a bar, I went to the loo. It wasn't until I'd been in there for a good fifteen or twenty seconds, and was wondering why there were no urinals, that I realised I was in the wrong toilets! STB.

Publish by, David on 19/11/2008

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Today, I woke up myself and my new girlfriend by doing a massive fart in my sleep, which was the result of trying to hold in all my gas from the evening before. Life is better when you're single because you can fart when you want! Totally embarrassing, but luckily I didn't STB.

Publish by, Tommy J on 30/11/2008

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I went out last night with a friend and kept buying her drinks, as I knew she'd not been out in ages. It backfired - she threw up on my shoes. STB.

Publish by, Nathan on 01/12/2008

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Today, I opened my laptop in the train to watch a good film I had downloaded. Of course, it was a fake and the whole car was allowed to watch and hear five seconds of butt licking. STB

Publish by, STB on 13/12/2008

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