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Conditions of use

- Your stories must always starts by " Today " and ends with " STB ".
- Story written in SMS language or with too many spelling mistakes will be refused.
- Only Shit the bed stories are allowed, so no commercial, spamming or other.

Let's start !


Today, I got in a huge fight with my mom. So, I went to my room and locked myself in there and played loud music so I didn't have to hear her. She then decides to yell at me over facebook. Shortly after, I log out of Facebook. She then starts yelling at me on Yahoo. Damn technolgy. STB

Publish by, Miki on 30/01/2009

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Today, I was going over to my friends house for dinner, (it was my birthday) when I walked in everyone yelled surprise and then turned on the lights. When my friend looked over at me she said "wrong person guys, turn off the lights". STB

Publish by, nick on 08/03/2009

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Today, I had a flat tire I called my boyfriend of over a year and he told me that sucks while he was sitting at home 10 mins away from me. Instead a stranger helped me. STB

Publish by, Nil on 07/02/2009

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Today, my sister teased me about being a mistake baby. When I told my mom what my sister said, her response was "I still love you anyway".STB

Publish by, melissa on 11/02/2009

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A while ago, I need to ask Al to do some amends for me. So i was lazy and did not get off my chair instead I rolled myself across the office in my chair. In resulting in me been lazy I fell flat on my arse and a massive bruise which stayed with me for a couple of weeks!Don't me lazy lol! STB!

Publish by, Char on 04/11/2008

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Today, I'm gone make a little shop for buy some biscuit, on the way back I realized that I've forgot my key in my room. STB

Publish by, Nico on 16/11/2008

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This evening, I nearly burned the house down by not spiking a jacket potato with a fork. The kitchen filled with smoke after the potato set on fire inside the microwave! STB!

Publish by, Al on 25/11/2008

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Today, I was going to confess to my best friend that I am in love with her. I called her up only to find her crying. She was upset that she might be pregnant with some guy. STB

Publish by, ... on 29/11/2008

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Today I fell over in the middle of the street. Only one person out of the tens around came over to help me! STB!

Publish by, Nina on 02/12/2008

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I have a large bruise on my arm after today. I was playing park football and went down in a tackle near the touchline. It wasn't the falling that gave me the bruise - it was one of the spectators accidentally standing on me while I was on the floor! STB!

Publish by, Lewis on 08/12/2008

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