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Conditions of use

- Your video must be a funny shit.
- At the moment only videos from youtube can be add.
- Only funny shit are allowed, so no commercial, spamming or other.

Let's start !


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The Best compilation of football gag

Who says that football isn't a dangerous sport lol...

Publish by, Al on 13/12/2008

Shit The Bed in Spanish! is "La he liao Parda"

Sorry mates, a video in Spanish and I wasn't able to find any subtitles... so it is a good chance to practice your spanish...

Publish by, Rolando on 13/12/2008

Rush hour to take the train

Today i got some trouble to take the train....

Publish by, Dan on 07/12/2008

Microsoft Surface the parody

Truth be told, We actually WANT a Surface Computer, but since we can't afford one, we thought it might be fun to make fun of it. Microsoft Surface just dream it, take that Apple....

Publish by, Jim on 06/12/2008

Jesus vs Terminator

Funny parody of terminator about jesus....

Publish by, John on 06/12/2008

Funny Doggy.

heyhey, this dog is intelligent...

Publish by, Alex on 06/12/2008

dancing cop funny shit

Remember guys don't matter how alone you think you are......

Publish by, Alex on 06/12/2008

funny shiy video

An other compilation of funny shit....

Publish by, Ryan on 06/12/2008

funny shit video

An other compilation of funny shit...

Publish by, bib on 30/11/2008

Random funny shit

Nice compilation of funny shit....

Publish by, Alex on 29/11/2008

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