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Conditions of use

- Your stories must always starts by " Today " and ends with " STB ".
- Story written in SMS language or with too many spelling mistakes will be refused.
- Only Shit the bed stories are allowed, so no commercial, spamming or other.

Let's start !


I was having an in-depth, heated debate with a friend yesterday. My argument was somewhat let down by my walking into a lamp-post halfway through. STB!

Publish by, Rob on 20/11/2008

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Last night, I was having an odd dream. Can't quite remember what happened in it now, but at one point it involved jumping. Then I woke up - and had fallen out of bed! STB.

Publish by, jery on 20/11/2008

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Last night at a bar, I went to the loo. It wasn't until I'd been in there for a good fifteen or twenty seconds, and was wondering why there were no urinals, that I realised I was in the wrong toilets! STB.

Publish by, David on 19/11/2008

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Earlier, I kept getting funny looks off everyone... it took me ages to realise I'd spilt my breakfast down my front. STB.

Publish by, SHIBI on 18/11/2008

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Today I arrived at work and realised I'd forgotten a USB stick with some important documents on it. I ran a mile home to get it, but couldn't find it anywhere. It was in my coat pocket all along. STB

Publish by, Al on 18/11/2008

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Today was my last notice day of work, i still don't know what to do. STB

Publish by, Rod on 17/11/2008

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Today, I'm gone make a little shop for buy some biscuit, on the way back I realized that I've forgot my key in my room. STB

Publish by, Nico on 16/11/2008

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I work in a primary school, and confess to not being the skinniest person alive... today one of the kids told me I didn't have "any sharp edges." I wasn't sure whether to be flattered or appalled! STB!

Publish by, George on 15/11/2008

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Today was a windy day. As I was walking down the street, I went to kick a carrier bag that was blowing towards me. I got my foot stuck in it, tried to free myself with the other foot, got completely tangled and fell over. At least three people saw me - how embarassing! STB!

Publish by, Indian tonic on 15/11/2008

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I was on a night out recently and noticed a bloke wearing sunglasses, indoors and at night. We immediately decided this qualified him as an idiot, and as I'd had a few, I decided to tell him. Only then, to my horror, did I realise he was blind! STB.

Publish by, lolo on 15/11/2008

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