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Conditions of use

- Your stories must always starts by " Today " and ends with " STB ".
- Story written in SMS language or with too many spelling mistakes will be refused.
- Only Shit the bed stories are allowed, so no commercial, spamming or other.

Let's start !


I have a large bruise on my arm after today. I was playing park football and went down in a tackle near the touchline. It wasn't the falling that gave me the bruise - it was one of the spectators accidentally standing on me while I was on the floor! STB!

Publish by, Lewis on 08/12/2008

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I did the lottery as usual this week and, to my astonishment, got four numbers! I was going to win a decent amount of money! Imagine the look on my face when I realised I was holding last week's ticket... STB.

Publish by, Jay on 06/12/2008

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Today, I was walking the dog earlier. He stopped suddenly and wouldn't carry on walking... it was only when my foot started to feel warm that I realised he was urinating on my shoe! STB.

Publish by, dav on 05/12/2008

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Last night my six-year-old son came downstairs saying he couldn't sleep. I was sitting up reading, so I decided I'd let him sit with me for a few minutes. He asked to have the telly on, and without thinking, I turned it on... only to find that the channel it had been left on was showing a soft porn film! STB!

Publish by, jennifer on 05/12/2008

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Tonight, I was planning to make a really nice meal for my partner... I put the chicken in the oven, I chopped the vegetables, steamed them, was all ready to start thinking about dishing up... then I realised the oven hadn't been on at all! STB!

Publish by, Emma on 03/12/2008

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Today, I just taped over a video of my son's primary school play... My wife doesn't know yet. STB!

Publish by, alex on 03/12/2008

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Today I fell over in the middle of the street. Only one person out of the tens around came over to help me! STB!

Publish by, Nina on 02/12/2008

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Last week, I managed to sleep through an important meeting, because I set my alarm for 8PM instead of 8AM. Oh dear... STB.

Publish by, rick on 02/12/2008

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I went out last night with a friend and kept buying her drinks, as I knew she'd not been out in ages. It backfired - she threw up on my shoes. STB.

Publish by, Nathan on 01/12/2008

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I called my girlfriend "mum" today. It did not go down well. STB!

Publish by, nooo on 01/12/2008

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