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Conditions of use

- Your stories must always starts by " Today " and ends with " STB ".
- Story written in SMS language or with too many spelling mistakes will be refused.
- Only Shit the bed stories are allowed, so no commercial, spamming or other.

Let's start !


Today, I told my friend about this website. Recently a couple of coworkers have been saying, but I thought it was just random babble. So you can imagine my excitement when I realized it's real! So I told my friend and he was like "Yah we knew that like 5 months ago = News Flash to you Muahahahahah" STB

Publish by, CMF on 14/06/2010

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Today, a man fell on me on the bus, actually knocked both of us onto the floor of the bus which was very muddy, my jacket is ruined, i banged my head and they guy that fell on top of me wasnt skinny. stb

Publish by, nathaniel on 28/03/2010

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Today, I introduced my girlfriend to one of my friends. I called her by my ex's name. STB

Publish by, c on 10/03/2010

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Today, i traveled across europe, after 4 airports, and a whole day..i unzipped my bag to find out that i had brought with me 2 bras and a par of lady nickers..... thats what you get of borrowing a travel bag from your sister. Now i know why two security guys at London airport were giggling behind the xray scanner. STB

Publish by, pete on 07/03/2010

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Today, I went on the train to Edinburgh. A really hot girl sat next to me. Being shy and not really knowing what to do, I thought I would get my laptop out and watch a film. So I opened my laptop and to my horror I had left open the movie Anal Impact. The girl got up and walked away. Doh

Publish by, B man on 05/03/2010

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Today, I was my hotel room on Las Vegas. I ate some bad good and it messed up my stomach. Everyone went clubbin', so I stayed in the hotel room and fell asleep. As I was sleeping, I felt a fart coming on, so I tried my best, and I ended up shitting the bed. It leaked through 3 layers. It melted through the undies, passed the shorts, and straight onto the bed sheets. It was super wet. I had to put a towel over it and go back to sleep, so I actually did shit the bed. STB.

Publish by, Shitter on 19/01/2010

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Today, actually a month ago, I was driving in my 1.4 Ford Fiesta behind an Aston Martin DB9 on an extremly rainy day down the M1. I tried to overtake it, pushed my car to 85 mph. I then dropped a bottle of water on to my ipod. In a desperate attempt to save it i tried to pick it up. When i looked up I was on the verge of hitting the metal inside grid to avoid it I swerved to the left where by the car lost control. The car ended up on its side, it doesn't work anymore. STB.

Publish by, Albert on 30/11/2009

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Today, I came to this site again, only to find there had been no posts since March! STB.

Publish by, Phill on 15/08/2009

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Today, me and couple of friends were driving around town and saw a lady who had accidentally backed her car up onto a concrete wall. Laughing, we all turned to look as we passed and I drove straight into a parked police car at 30 that had stopped to help her. STB

Publish by, Brook on 23/03/2009

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Today, when I walked into work all of my co-workers were giggling and asking "How was YOUR night last night?". Last night I had sex for the first time with someone I'm seeing secretly (with good reason). That person is my boss. He told everyone. STB

Publish by, SEX on 23/03/2009

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